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the recommendations to president obama next week and late this afternoon, the national rifle association issued a statement reacting to the white house meeting and the statement inside part, we were disappointed with how little the meet handwriting to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment. it's unfortunate this administration continues to insist on pushing failed solutions to the nation's most pressing problems. we will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen. >>> the news edge is on virginia. the new poll shows an overwhelming number of virginians support background checks for gun buyers. the quinnipiac university poll said 92% favor background checks. >> having a background check is not an intrusion on anyone's second amendment rights. and most of my constituents, and i am gratified to learn, most virginians think that is a reasonable measure to protect the public. >> a majority also would support putting armed police officers in public schools. half of virginians polled believe the
findings as soon as next week. mr. obama indicated support for a ban on military-style assault weapons. restrictions on high-capacity ammunition magazines, lou palfrey background checks and a national database to check weapons and increased mental health. >> a pretty wide consensus on three or 45 things in the gun safety area that could and should be done around the state. >> thursday by meet with the other side, sportsmen, hunting groups, and an official from the national rifle association which staunchly opposes restricting gun rights. the coalition has proclaimed january 19th and appreciation day. they want show of support at gun shows, stores, and shooting ranges. the leaders said, if the american people don't fight back now, obama will do with the second amendment what he has done to the first, got it without a moment's thought to our basic constitutional rights. after the meeting gun-control advocates fireback opponent. >> the whole debate of the second amendment is really just a distraction that the gun lobby is trying to create from a sensible discussion of real solutions, and
meetings on how to curb gun violence in america. he wants to give his proposals to president obama by tuesday of next week. he said why it is important act now. >> nothing that has gotten to the heart of the matter more than the visual image of six year-old kids riddle. not shot with a stray bullet, but rattled. >> of the comments came on the same day that a student was shot and wounded at a california high school where another was taken into custody. for more, the vice president was meeting in the white house as we were getting news that there was yet another school shooting, and there is a real sense of urgency that is still there. >> we saw president obama after the shooting a visibly upset, saying he would use the power of his office to act on gun- control and do it quickly. he asked joe biden to convene with a sense of urgency. they had been meeting to move things forward quickly. they want to get in that space while people are still shocked about the killings. the tragic irony is that while he was meeting people and talking about it today, on the west coast, somebody else was
the nod and who did not. >> and less than two weeks until president obama is sworn in for a second term. the streets of washington, d.c. are preparing for the throngs of parades and glamorous falls. our report from -- glamorous and balls. a >> covering the nation tonight, star nfl linebacker was suffering from but the generative disease many took his own life last may. doctors conducted a study of three unidentified brains and found that he was suffering from a dramatic encephalopathy. seau's family says he exhibited symptoms in private and they became worse before he took his own life. pressure to release photographs taken of osama bin laden before and after the raid that killed him. a group argued before the u.s. court of appeals that the obama administration claims it releasing that information could harm national security, but the group says there is not a specific basis for that claim. the appeals panel is concerned that the images could be used by al-qaeda for anti-american propaganda. >> meanwhile, the movie about the killing of osama bin laden, "zero dark thirty" is nominated fo
to give his proposals to president obama by tuesday of next week. he said why it is important act now. >> nothing that has gotten to the heart of the matter more than the visual image of six year-old kids riddle. not shot with a stray bullet, but rattled. >> of the comments came on the same day that a student was shot and wounded at a california high school where another was taken into custody. for more, the vice president was meeting in the white house as we were getting news that there was yet another school shooting, and there is a real sense of urgency that is still there. >> we saw president obama after the shooting a visibly upset saying he would use the power of his office to act on gun- control and do it quickly. he asked joe biden to convene with a sense of urgency. they had been meeting to move things forward quickly. they want to get in that space while people are still shocked about the killings. the tragic irony is that while he was meeting people and talking about it today on the west coast, somebody else was firing at a school. >> he wants to give proposals to the presi
. president obama says he wantssto shootly after his inauguration in less thann2 weeks. inn news." 3 3 3 choose your own punishment. the common ssnseesentence one judge offeree a runk driver. 3 the jungle comes to virginia.. the reason annmal control brouuht out the big guns for this dog. ççççpñpñ a... common sense... apppooch.../ for a man... wwo almost driving runk.eople while drunk. "you will go and i want you to view the body of someone who was killed in an automooile acccddnn because of a drunken driver. and i want ou to do that two timms." that's the option ohio convicted drunk driver nearly killed a coupleewhile driving drunk in october. the judge said he could either two dui victims up close or ee - spend an extra two nights in jail. tarase has a few days to ake his chhicee a... new... national poll... finds that connress... haa... a... 9% ...favorability rating.../ wwth... 85% ...of voters.... this... poll.. tested.... conggess'... pppularity... -&against things.../// some... of them... árealllá... gross thi
the obama administration has embarked on a discreet but concerted weeks long diplomatic initiative to open channels of communication with the venezuelan government and the absence of chÁvez. in 2002, chavez survived a coup that toppled him briefly. he has long asserted that coup was orchestrated by the united states. >> for more in venezuela, we're joined by michael shifter, president of the inter-american dialogue and an adjunct professor of latin american politics. from claremont, california, we're joined by miguel tinker salas, a professor of pomona college. born in venezuela, author of, "the enduring legacy: oil, culture and society in venezuela." his new book forthcoming is called, "venezuela: what everyone needs to know." michael shifter and miguel tinker salas, we welcome you both to "democracy now!" michael shifter, talk about what is not happening today, the inauguration, and what you feel needs to take place, which side you take. >> thank you very much. i think it is not a surprise the inauguration is not taking place today. i think president chun is clearly is very ill. i think
to 355,750. that is after falling to a four- year low the previous week. president obama is set to nominate his choice for treasury secretary today. the nominee, what house chief of staff jack lew. if confirmed by the senate, he would replace tim geithner. some complain that he is too unyielding in past fiscal negotiations, specifically alabama senator jeff sessions. he says, "jack lew must never be treasury secretary." adding, "any loan disqualifies." senator sessions is not saying yet whether he will filibuster the nomination. president obama will make the announcement at 1:30 p.m. eastern time, and you can hear it live on c-span radio or watch on c-span. meanwhile, labor secretary bill the sully's is resigning, saying she returns -- labor secretary hilda solis is resigning. responding to the news, president obama called her a tireless champion for working families. the white house says that attorney general eric holder, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, and -- will remain at their posts. a new rule on mortgages. the aim is to return -- for the first time,
of defense. president obama nominated him earlier this week now the white house is gearing up for a nomination fight. cleaning me is roger simon from politico. good morning. >> good morning. your new piece is titled "hagel puts country ahead of conquest." where do you see us if indeed chuck hagel is confirm as defense secretary? >> i see us heading out. hagel has wanted our forces out of afghanistan for a while now. we have accomplished our purpose there. we have met our goals. we have dispersed al qaeda, and destroyed much of our leadership. andal we're doing now is propping up a regime that is not liked by the people of afghanistan. there is no hope, as hagel has said, of turning afghanistan into an american suburb. that loves liberty and human rights and all the things that we love. it's a different country. and our mission has already gotten out of control there. >> but in your capitol hill column, you ask a question that i guess begs to be asked, which how can we have a defense secretary who is not in love with conquest? >> because chuck hagel says, this is almost a direc
. zero heartburn. >>> president obama's choice to not leave any military presence behind by 2014. that idea was floated by the white house this week. we will also talk about his new memoire. but i want to begin by asking him about the weapons that he used during his long career. and whether civilians ought to be able to use them. >> what do you think when you see civilians using these weapons. >> they fire at 3,000 feet per second. when it hits human flesh it is devastating. it is designed to be that way. that is what i want soldiers to car yixt but i don't want that on our streets. it is not a complete fix to just address assault weapons. but if we don't get serious now, when we see children being buried then i can't think of a time when we should. >> so you don't buy the argument? >> i don't. i think it is not a question of no guns in america or all guns. >> nobody is talking about taking away all guns. >> i think assault weapons are not things that i'm comfortable having in places around my family. >> let's talking about afghanistan, the idea that there will be no u.s. troops
is visiting the u.s. this week. tomorrow meeting with president obama at the white house. also tomorrow, speaking at georgetown university. that is at 5:30 p.m. eastern, and you can see it live on our companion network, c-span. >> the "washington post" recently held a forum on women. labor secretary held that silas spoke about her career from and turning in the white house during the carter administration to serving in the obama administration. since this discussion from december, the secretary announced she is leaving her post at the end of the president's first term. >> good morning, and welcome. we have a remarkable gathering of women this morning, and they are -- their personal stories and backgrounds are as varied as america itself. they come from los angeles and cleveland and baltimore. they grew up poor, not so poor, asian-american, african-american, hispanic, and white. each of them have one thing in common. they are all phenomenally successful. each rose to the top of their field, whether parts or politics or sports, and we are going to talk to them today about how they did it,
killer since october. >>> president obama will probably spell out some of his ideas to reduce gun violence by next week. we're hearing he'll use his state of the union address next month to push his plan. reporter major garrett has learned some of what the president is planning to propose. >> reporter: the president wants congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. vice president biden has devoted this week to hearing from all sides, including the nra, tomorrow. >> we're here today to do -- urgent action, and the president and i are determined to take action. >> reporter: he met today with victims of gun violence and gun- control advocates and said the political climate will never be the same after the newtown massacre. >> of all the tragic events we've endured, i don't think anything touches the heart of the american people so profoundly as those young children being riddled with bullets. >> reporter: the white house is also looking at ways to encourage gun owners to use and store their firearms more safely. it is rev
like me and you. while he was citigroup they took in 45 billion from taxpayers under t.a.r.p. two weeks before he left to join the obama administration he took, bonus. before citigroup payback taxpayers, and it was not too shabby, nearly a million. so more than just a politician and lawyer. he was a banker who took money from taxpayers and that against them in return. that is the whole story. his signature is gaining attention. even the president could not help taking a swipe at his questionable. >> he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency. should he be confirmed as secretary of the treasury. gerri: if confirmed, how will he stack up against other treasury secretary's? with more on this, handwriting analyst kathy midnight. welcome to the show. first of all, give me a couple of details so that i understand what you do, analyze handwriting. critical things to look at all the loops which there are a lot of the above and below the line. tommy about that. >> exactly. we look at the professional graphologist, upper lips, lower loops, where th
we think those temperatures will get as we get closer to the end of the week. brian. >> thank you. >>> news alert from washington, more changes ahead for president obama's cabinet. secretary of labor announced today she is resigning. she is one of the highest ranking hispanics in the administration. she plans to return to california where she is expected to run for a seat on the los angeles board of supervisors. >>> president obama expected to nominate jacob lou for treasury secretary. he is currently chief of staff he would replace tim geithner. jeff session said if lou is nominated he will try to block his nomination saying he mislead congress ability the obama -- about the obama plans to reduce the national debt. >>> national cathedral will host, same-sex marriages. they decided the new policy when the marriages became legal in dc and maryland. >> i think there is a pretty good consensus in the church about same sex blessing and in places where same-sex marriage is legal. because of our stature goes beyond the episcopal church we are trying to speak out to the christian and int
obama is likely to reveal new ideas next week to reduce gun violence. >> massacre after massacre and something has to give, and i think the tipping point was sandy hook. >> reporter: awe five crew members were tested. alcohol did not play a role in the accident. >> it hit the right side of the boat on the dock hard like a bomb. >>> when i found out they weren't elected, i was stunned. >>> as president obama reveals his cabinet, some people are asking where's the diversity. >> reporter: a race is on in canada. about a dozen killer whales are trapped under the ice. >> it's delightful here. i wouldn't expect nothing more. >>> it's expected that apple may be making a less expensive version of their eiphone. yeah, they're calling it a samsung. >>> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell is on assign't. >>> the nationwide flu outbreak is getting worse in the hard-hit city of boston. the mayor is declaring a state of emergency. >>> 41 states report an outbreak. there have been 18 flu-related deaths. this year's flu nation is straining the health care system. >>> at the white h
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leader obama is more determined than ever to take away our guns in that he has never tried to take away our guns. [ laughter ] but last week, he appointed reich marshal biden to head up a gun safety task force that will convene a "series of meetings" and "offer recommendations--" "in an effort to build consent for action." meetings? recommendations? effort? [ laughter ] folks, that is a slippery slope to jackbooted powerpoint presentations. [ laughter ] now, fortunately, folks, there are rational voices out there, who have a reasoned response to those who want gun regulation. >> now get a gun and go after her hide! well said. and sam's not alone. standing with him is nra head wayne lapierre, who in the wake of unimaginable tragedy, put forth a simple plan to reassure our troubled nation. >> i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to have put armed police officers in every single school in this nation. >> stephen: yes, just put armed officers in every school. they can work it into the prom theme: enchantment under the siege. [ laughter ] and folks
everything we candy's last few weeks to resolve the and finished up wherever possiblecan and continue to work. >> >> president barack obama expected to nominate his current chief of staff jack lewis is the next treasury secretary the president praised him for helping help the economy streamlined the government and is described as a tough negotiator. he would replace timothy who wants to leave the administration. she made her decision over the holidays with her family and is also out of the white house president barack obama called her a tireless champion she is the first hispanic woman to serve in the presidential cabinet. beyonce will perform the national anthem kelly clarkson will sing my country to is of the end james taylor will perform america the beautiful. president obama was involved in the selection of the musicians. the pregnant duchess of cambridge spend time with family royal watchers are left to get what she got from prince william, apparently sources say he is buying a house. we're looking at some interesting weather coming up over the next two or three days. we have 50 we ar
. >>> hill kri clinton will be stepping down from her post in the coming weeks. we're not going to call it retirement? >> retirement? >> i don't know if that's the word i would use. certainly stepping off the very fast track for a little while. >> the obama administration pushing back after a picture taken in the oval office, this image by the photographer was featured on the front page yesterday of the "new york times." a group of men meeting with president. with top positions at the state, defense and treasury departments all offered recently to males, jay carney was asked about the gender issue. >> janet napolitano is secretary of home land security. this president has appointed, has made two appointments to the supreme court, both of them women and i think his commitment -- >> do you think it's an unfair charge? >> i think the record speaks for itself. >> the white house responded by posting a photo online featuring a more diverse crowd. the highest women in george w. bush's cabinet 24%. bill clinton has both of them beat. these numbers don't include female presidential advisers. >>
. mcchrys . >>> no shortage of good reasons tonight for the "ac360" interview, president obama, choice, chuck hagel, to run the pentagon, president obama pulling out all troops by 2014, not leaving any military presence behind. that idea was floated at the white house earlier this week. we'll also talk to general stanley mcchrystal about that, and the weapons he used during his long career and whether civilians ought to be able to use weapons. you made headlines, what is your view when you see the military-style weapons in the hands of civilians? >> i spent a lifetime of carrying weapons, and firing a round at 3,000 feet per second. and when it hits human flesh it is devastating, designed to be that way. and that is what i want soldiers to carry. but i don't want those weapons around our schools or around our streets. i think that if we can't -- it is not a complete fix to just address assault weapons. but i think if we don't get very serious now when we see children being buried, then i can't think of a time when we should. >> so you don't buy the argument that the only good answer to
on c-span. >> afghan president hamid karzai who is in washington, d.c. this week met with secretary leon panetta today ahead of meetings with president obama at the white house tomorrow. president karzai will be speaking at georgetown university tomorrow on relations between his country in the u.s. at 5:30 p.m. eastern we'll have live coverage on c-span. >> if you ask how many are self identify libertarians, people who describe themselves as a libertarian, you might be getting between 10% and 15%. if you ask questions about different ideological things, do you believe in x or y, depending on which poll you get, you get 30% of americans calling them libertarians. are you economically conservative but socially liberal, you get over half of americans call themselves that is what they are. because people see these things it does not mean they believe them. if you ask do you want smaller government, they say yes. do you want government to spend less money and they say yes. if you ask them to cut an item on the budget, they do not want to cut anything. it is not clear they believe lyoness
week for the afghan head of state. tonight he meets with secretary of state hillary clinton before meeting with president obama tomorrow. >>> and in about 30 meant, vice president joe biden will host gun rights' owners and advocates as part of his gun control task force. the nra has other gun owner groups and sportsmen all headed to the white house. >>> walmart, the nation's largest gun retailer will attend a separate hearing with attorney joan eric holder. yesterday the task force met with victims groups and gun control supporters who say that they were encouraged by the conversation the task force is expected to make its recommendations in about a month. >>> new this morning, a major announcement about the presidential cabinet. this afternoon, president obama will nominate jack lew secede timothy geithner as secretary. he's currently the white house chief of staff and budget director. he will be nominated at 1:30 this afternoon and we'll stream it live on don't miss it. >>> talk about funny money, cash may look loopy if lew is confirmed. doesn't this look like
from the hospital last week, leaving her noft a matter of weeks saying she's looking forward to taking a break for a little while. >> labor secretary hilda solese is leaving the obama administration, saying she's submitted her letter to the president today, saying she made the decision to leave after discussing it can family and close friends. >> white house chief of staff jack lu is expected to be president obama's pick to lead the trer yuy department. sources say he's choosing lu because of his wide variety of experience, if confirmed he would replace tim think geithner. >> washington national cathedral began performing same-sex weddings today. the cathedral is the most prominent episcopal church, holding celebrations and fun ralz for former u.s. presidents. >> a sacramento woman found a stranger sleeping on her couch. she woke frup a sleep only to find some guy on the coach sound aleap with his feet up. she woke the man, told him sheets shees going get coffee, then came back and confronted whim a machete. >> you snead to sit here and you're going wait for the cops. you're going to j
this week, the president nominated a man widely viewed as the administration's drone warrior to head the cia. obama counterterrorism adviser john brennan has made the legal case for targeted killings. some are now expressing concern over brennan in charge of the cia. and scott horton of harper's magazine reports "and the drones are just the beginning of it. the cia has its toe there, but we're going to see the cia probably take a very prominent role in robotic warfare." i'm joined tonight by greenwald, producer, director, and founder of brave new films. he is also the director of an upcoming documentary film "drones exposed" and just completed a trip to the country of pakistan. mr. greenwald, good to have you with us tonight. will there be an issue at brennan's confirmation hearings? what is the likelihood of the senate forcing a debate on drone strikes? there has been very little conversation about it. >> yes. it's actually been very sad, ed, to see how there has almost been a bipartisan silence on this issue. we're hopeful that as we educate people, as people hear more about the drones, as
." >>> celebrities who welcome barack obama into second term. announced the line up for president obama's second inauguration. beyonce will sing the national anthem. kelly clarkson will perform. and james taylor will sing america the beautiful. the ceremony is january 21st. the second inauguration is a week and a half away. and when he takes the oath of office. this time he'll be using two bibles instead of the traditional one. the president will use a bible owned by dr. martin luther king junior. and abraham lincoln. it is also a federal holiday honoring dr. king's birthday. >> new this morning, maryland's public schools are at the top of a new list ranking the best in the nation. quality counts 2013 gave the state's schools b plus. virginia comes in 4th. dc schools rank 45th. the list take several factors into account including graduation rate and education funding. >> here's a story for you. cool or gross? >> i'll take cool. >> no. one company introduces the ipottie. the poosabilities. get it? >> did you like doing all that? >> i did love that. >> plus, saving room, money and the environment.
the president in this photo, only one of the people barely in this photo is a woman. last month president obama held a press conference to announce he is nominating senator john kerry to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. so john kerry not susan rice. earlier this week, the president announcing that former republican senator chuck hagel was his pick to be the next secretary of defense. so chuck hagel and not, say, michelle flournoy, the very highly regarded undersecretary of defense for policy. no word yet on who president obama has in mind to be his next secretary of labor, but hilda solis announced just this afternoon that she has handed in her resignation. that's another woman gone from the cabinet. the white house going out of its way to stress today right after the solis announcement exactly who in the cabinet plans to stay on at the start of the president's second term. they led their list with health secretary kathleen sebelius. earlier tried to press down on the lack of diversity in the cabinet. >>> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is susan rice. again, this preside
week. today he meets with defense secretary panetta and secretary of state hill clinton. karzai's meetings come one day before his one-on-one with president obama. yesterday karzai met with senators to discuss mutual goals of the u.s. and afghanistan. before the meeting, nbc's mike viqueira asked him about security in his country post-20 post-2014. >> i was told by the organizer of the senate to keep quiet. >> thank you, everybody. >> admitted he was told he was not allowed to speak to reporters. >>> new quinnipiac poll in virginia, close race for governor. the two are practically tide with mcauliffe at 40%. cuccinelli tied at 34%. bolling dropped out of the race important the republican nomination in late november. he has been the exploring the option of running as an independent candidate. continues not to rule that idea out. finally, the nationwide outbreak of the flu has taken a dangerous turn. in boston, it is so bad the mayor declared a public health emergency after reporting power deaths and over 700 cases. the cdc reported this is the worst flu outbreak in the -- the uni
. right now it looks like colder temperatures toward the end of next week. as we move towards next weekend and inauguration day, we're talking about very doled air trying to move in. how about 2009, president obama a temperature of 28 degrees at noon. windchills were in the teens, a lot of people would like to see it warmer than this. i think we'll be close to this, maybe a bit warmer, but close. are you guys going to be out there for that? >> yes, we are. bundle up. increasing clouds, 31 to 39 as we move through the next couple days. tomorrow afternoon, once again, mild for the temperatures, but still with afternoon showers and cloud cover, tomorrow is going to be a rather cool day. here's the next seven days, including that very warm weekend. 63 on saturday, 70 on sunday, monday and tuesday, a very good chance for much-needed rainfall. we hope we get that, and cooling off as we head towards wednesday and thursday, temperatures in the 40s. as i talked about, the trend here for the weekend and no falling railings does look like it could be on the cold side of things. >> so it goes. >> if i
. >>> you're watching "worldwide exchange." president obama is expected to tap jack lew to lead the u.s. treasury, replacing timothy geithner. >>> chinese exports blow past expect ages in december, rising 14% on the year while raising expectations for next week's gdp reading. >>> investors are still cautious ahead of interest rate decisions in europe with neither the ecb nor the bank of england seen changing their stance. >>> plus, europe successfully places medium and long-term bonds for spain in its first auction of the year. >>> if you've just joined us stateside, futures, the dow at the moment currently 38 points above fair value, the nasdaq is 9 points above fair value and the s&p 500 is just over 5 points above fair value. european stocks have been cautious throughout the morning. we've just hit the session high. the ftse cnbc global 300 is up about .25% at the moment. we'll show you the results of that auction in just a second. the european stocks, therefore, moving higher. the ftse 100 during the session yesterday hit the high since may 2008. it is up a two-year high. we only
this week, reporters have pepper pressed jay carney about what some have dubbed obama's white guy problem. >> this is a couple of appointments. i think it would be useful to wait and make judgments about this issue after the president has made the totality of the appointments that he will make in transition to a second term. >> reporter: of obama's 16 cabinet positions, only two are women. kathleen sebelius and homeland security, janet napolitano. the labor and commerce are open and more will likely become so. it's an usual that can catch fire as we saw during the presidential campaign. >> i went to a number of women's groups and said can can you help us find folks and they brought us binders full of women. >> reporter: the white house is sensitive to this but there are other issues with the new cabinet in the east room as the president spoke glowingly of lew, he noted one exception. lew's signature which will appear on dollar bills. >> when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, i considered resending by offer to appoint him. jack assured me he's going to make one letter legible in
. it comes as the obama administration considers taking all troops out of the country after next year. it's turning into a rough week for people trying to get to work in new york city. a bus collided with a school bus. this is old bridge in new jersey. at least 17 people on board were injured. two are reported in critical condition. the bus flipped on its side and not carrying any children. the driver was taken to the hospital. the bus crash comes a day after rush hour ferry slammed into a pier in lower manhattan. there were more than 300 people on board. 85 were injured. one critically. >> all of a sudden it went from going however fast it is going to zero. everybody went this way and then you went this way. >> it felt like you were in a car that ran into a tree. >> no immediate word on the cause of the crash. federal safety officials are investigating. >> 11 killer whales that were trapped by ice in a canadian bay are apparently free now. take a look here. these are the orcas desperately surfacing for oxygen in this 10-foot hole in the ice. a group sent to break up the ice said there is
is in washington this week, met with secretary panetta earlier today ahead of meetings with president obama at the white house tomorrow. president karzei will be speaking at georgetown university tomorrow on relations between his country and the u.s. but that is at 5:30 eastern. we will have live coverage on c- span. >> hollywood's most famous movie stars leave the film capital to help the government sell war bonds. all part of a contingent of 50 screen celebrities giving their time and talent. >> what we want to look at to date is how popular culture presented the war. how was the war presented in the 1940's? how was it presented from the 1940's? how was it presented in music from the 1940's? >> this weekend on american history tv, popular culture and world war ii, with randy roberts, saturday night at 8:00 and 10:00 eastern on c-span3. >> school superintendents and the president of the college board discuss challenges and opportunities in preparing educators will navigating through cultural and political barriers. 45 states have adopted standards in an effort to implement national math an
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